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TLC offers responsive website designs along with hosting solutions designed to meet your business needs.

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Hosted Clients Faq


What is my account name?

Your account name is actually your login for the specific email account you are

accessing. Your entire email address is usually your login/account name on our


What is a control panel?

Your control panel is where you can view your account information, manage your

mail accounts, add counters, scripts, view your web stats and much


Is my login or password case sensitive?


How do I set up an email account?

Click on the mail icon then click on the add/remove accounts icon.

How do I access my control panel?

To access your personal site control panel use the following url ( replacing the

yourdomain.xxx with your actual domain name)

http://www.yourdomain.xxx:2082 You will need the login and password supplied

to you when we set up the account. We recommend you do not share your

login and password information with any one else.